​​​Tremaine White

Co-Executive Director

Chanuwonia White
Co-Executive Director

​Correl Filmore

Marketing Consultant

Eileen Morgan

Women's Advocate

Alecea Connor

Training Coordinator

Andreas Gunn
Serving Partner

DeSilvia Kennerly

Clothing Coordinator

Desiree Malcome

​Essentials Coordinator

Meet Our Team

vision statement

To teach God's people to love until they love!

mission Statement 2

To demonstrate no need is too small and no voice is too quiet to be heard. We will devote the time and energy necessary to connect partners that  educate, advocate, clothe and feed.

Tremaine and Chanuwonia White

founding servants

Serving the community has not only been a passion and pleasure but also a calling for the White's.

SWOW Vision and Mission


Our service partners are devoted to being true servants. Each program is operated separately however each service is intended to be a catalyst to promote successful outcomes.

​Tremaine began working with youth in 2001 coaching at the Boys and Girls Club in Mobile Alabama. Tremaine is familiar with struggle and never realized his potential in sports because like many young, African American men, he allowed negative influences to draw him away. He successfully overcame many obstacles and is successfully employed, has his own business, volunteers with several partners, hosts a men's fellowship and serves displaced youth.

​​You don't need walls to serve well... ​​Let's serve together to make living better, one soul at a time!

Service Without Walls

Meet Our executive board

For more than 40 combined years, Tremaine and Chanuwonia White have worked for, partnered with, and volunteered with agencies advocating for and empowering youth, the needy, the local community and under-represented members of our world-wide family.

Horace Forbes
Board President/Chairman
Tremaine & Chanuwonia White
Co-Executive Director's

Yancey Pritchard
Board VP/Vice Chairman

Correl Filmore
Marketing Advisor
Keith Malcome
Board 2nd VP/2nd Vice Chairman
Chanuwonia White
Acting Secretary
Samuel Cooke
Board Advisor
Desiree Malcome

Cynthia Cooke


Alecea Connor


Eileen Morgan


Andreas Gunn


Chanuwonia began working with At-Risk youth in 1996 with a residential treatment facility in New York. Since that time Chanuwonia has worked for and supervised Group Homes, worked with Intensive Family Intervention Programs and served over various youth programs. Chanuwonia is a government employee, volunteers with several partners, provides services for displaced youth, hosts a women fellowship and provides ministry services.

The mission is simple but has many moving parts all involving the safety, care and well being of the under-served in the community. We have been commissioned to care for those who might easily fall through the cracks, because they are seemingly invisible and without voice in such a loud and busy world. Our vision is to teach God's people to love until they love through serving in partnership and network building with like minded individuals, groups, ministries, businesses and professionals that don't mind sharing from our areas of abundance with those who are in need. Such a simple principle; When I have more than I need in a particular area, I can share it with you who may be lacking in that area and when you have an area that you have excess, you share it with me because I lack in that area, we can then both be sufficient in the area we were lacking.

Same principle, bigger reach when it comes to serving the community in a collaborative effort where we pool excess resources from many different sharers that have abundance in a variety of areas with those who are lacking in those areas. We connect the resources to those in need as they are available and seek the necessary resources when they are not readily available. The mission is to demonstrate that no need is too small and no voice is too quiet to be heard; We at Service Without Walls will devote the time and energy necessary to educate, advocate, clothe and feed.